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Defense & Military

Trusted controls by the leading Defense and Military resistance welding manufacturers

Critical mission success is dependent on proper planning, execution, and tactical capabilities. Military and Defense welding applications require top quality. WeldComputer offers dependable resistance welding solutions that ensure the highest quality production for our nation’s armed forces across land, air, and sea. 

  • Achieve MIL-SPEC quality
    WeldComputer is the only welding control company represented on the D17 committee which is responsible for writing the military specifications for the industry.
  • Authorized by U.S. Military to eliminate destructive testing
    WeldComputer Adaptive Controls with integrated Monitoring are aligned to D17.2 requirements, reducing the cost and time required to maintain compliance with the MIL-SPEC.
  • Trusted military welding partner for decades
    Military approvals for defense contractors using WeldComputer Adaptive Controls to eliminate destructive testing, date back more than 20 years.
Read about how a defense contractor was able to eliminate porosity and cracks in its aluminum spot welds needed for MIL-SPEC compliance.

Defense and Military Welding Applications

WeldComputer Adaptive Controls are used in the most critical military and defense applications for the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, National Laboratories, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. We’ve helped leaders in defense applications deliver highest-quality results when weld failure is not an option. Applications that rely on WeldComputer technology include:

  • Antenna array on the Patriot Missile
  • Other missile system components
  • Military jet engines
  • Recuperator on the engine to the M1 tank
  • Heat shielding on engine of the space shuttle
  • Aluminum spot welding on fighter planes

*For a copy of the latest AWS D17 Standards, Specification for Resistance Welding for Aerospace Applications, contact us

Case Study

See how Sandia National Labs is utilizing WeldComputer wave synthesis technology for Adaptive Resistance Welding of Aluminum Alloys.

“Because each individual weld’s expansion value is monitored by the controller, there would be greater confidence in spot welding quality with the periodic destructive monitoring required by Mil-W-6858.”

—U.S. Air Force Authorization for Bell Helicopter to eliminate destructive testing

Weld to D17.2 and P8TF4 MIL-SPEC Standards

Since 1988, the U.S. military approved the use of the WeldComputer® Adaptive Controls as a replacement for periodic destructive testing under MIL-W-6858D. Allied-Signal Aerospace manufacturing was able to achieve greater than 99.9999% reliability to meet the size and strength requirements for its Class A aluminum welds. Additionally, as a key contributor to the AWS D17 Committee, we’ve helped the aerospace community to perform high-quality resistance welds and take advantage of advanced adaptive control and weld monitoring techniques to reduce the cost and time required to maintain compliance with the MIL-SPEC.

Customer Spotlight

Allied-Signal Aerospace Company

Allied-Signal Aerospace Company, a major aerospace defense manufacturer, was able to exceed 99.9999% reliability when welding aluminum with a WeldComputer Adaptive Control. In addition, their operation was able to instantly identify any problem that developed with their existing control, machine, or welding process, and was able to reduce its reliance on destructive testing by using data automatically collected by the WeldComputer Adaptive Control to document the quality of every weld produced.

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