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Improve the quality and consistency of your Flash and Butt Welding operation

WeldComputer Adaptive features automatically detect and correct flash and butt welding problems to improve your welding consistency and prevent bad welds from occurring in the first place.

  • Better weld consistency: Achieve consistent welding quality and improved production reliability by making real-time adjustments, regardless of machine age.
  • Keep production flowing: You can cut costly destructive testing, reduce maintenance, and improve your welding throughput without wasting downtime.
  • Prove the integrity of every weld: Gain peace of mind knowing that problem welds are not slipping through production, by having the data to assure the quality of each weld.

Achieve more consistent flashing with a WeldComputer Control

Both flash and butt welding processes require consistent heating of the part, followed by consistent upset in order to produce repeatable good welds. While this makes sense, many manufacturers continue to use Controls that can’t ensure consistent heat delivery. By replacing your existing control with one from WeldComputer, you’ll be able to achieve:
  • Better heat consistency and weld quality,

  • Improved energy efficiency,

  • Reduced current draw and flicker on the power lines, and

  • Balanced distribution over all power line phases.

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Say goodbye to power flickers

Flash welders can place a significant demand on the factory power line, often causing flickering when the machine is active. Unfortunately, this flickering not only disrupts factory equipment, it causes inconsistent flashing for each weld which increases variability for each weld. With the WeldComputer Control, you’re able to ensure consistent heat delivery while also reducing energy utilization and demand on the power grid. That’s a win-win.

Improve Flash welding operations

Operating with WeldComputer’s Adaptive flash welding technology is the easiest way to prevent bad welds from occurring. The Adaptive weld schedule can automatically coordinate heat and motion control to maintain consistent flashing throughout the flashing stage. More consistent flashing means more consistent upset. And more consistent upset means more consistent welds. If there is a problem with the upset, the operation will be immediately notified.

Make stronger Butt welds

Conventional controls for butt welding operations can encounter multiple challenges with their welding process including a lack of coordination between heat control and pressing action, the inability to adjust for varying part surface conditions, and the inability to accommodate upset variations. Using the WeldComputer Adaptive Control will automatically adjust the heat to compensate for part variations, resulting in increased upset consistency, improved quality, and fewer rejected parts.

No resistance welding challenge is too complex for our experts to help you with. Speak to our team in a FREE consultation to see what WeldComputer can do for you.

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