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Spot Welding Controls and monitors

Spot Welding Adaptive Control

Improve the quality and consistency of your Spot Welding operation

The WeldComputer Adaptive Control automatically detects and corrects spot welding problems to improve your welding consistency and prevent a bad weld from occurring in the first place.

  • Better weld consistency
    Adjust welding in real-time to improve production reliability and remove variances regardless of your resistance welding machine’s age
  • Keep production flowing
    Eliminate reliance on costly destructive testing, reduce maintenance, and improve your throughput to weld without lost downtime
  • Prove the integrity of every weld
    Gain peace of mind knowing problem welds are not slipping through production with the data to back each weld

Why WeldComputer for your spot welding operation

Many manufacturers are unknowingly operating their resistance spot welding processes at speeds far slower than what is feasible. By boosting the speed of these machines, companies can dramatically improve productivity without adding machines to meet production demands. Despite attempts to bolster production and weld quality, conventional inverter MFDC control has failed many operations. Many times these controls have the opposite impact and limit the machine’s ability to produce consistent quality spot welds. With the WeldComputer Control, your spot welding operation is able to increase speed and production throughput without sacrificing quality. Our Adaptive Control allows your operation to compensate for variations so you can unlock higher output levels while maintaining high-quality welds every time!

Reduce surface material variations in spot welding

Today’s advanced spot welding monitoring technology makes it possible to detect potential problems with surface contamination and material coatings. Then they quickly alert operators enabling them to address the issue before poor-quality welds reach customers. Adaptive features combine precision control with automated intelligence to prevent inconsistent or ineffective welds by making adjustments to ensure your product meets quality standards every time.

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Solve part fit-up problems

Welding is a complex process that requires precision and accuracy. If parts don’t fit together properly, the welding process can be compromised and lead to inconsistent, poor-quality welds. Fortunately, with the use of monitoring technology, such problems can be detected before they leave the factory; alerting operators to take corrective action. Furthermore, equipping welding machines with adaptive features can help prevent these mishaps in the first place by automatically adjusting to squeeze parts together and ensure the weld meets all specifications. This way, welded results will be far more consistent than if no part fit-up detection and correction automatically takes place to correct such problems prior to forming each weld.

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Prevent Undersized Welds

Multiple variables can impact undersized welds, such as flattening electrodes and shunting. While these are issues for most welding operations, the WeldComputer Adaptive Control is able to support spot welding operations and prevent these undersized welds. For instance, our WeldComputer Control with Monitoring will recognize when undersized welds are produced and alert the operator to prevent those welds from leaving the factory. In the case of flattening electrodes, the operator can respond by changing the electrodes. Additionally, by upgrading the welding control with Adaptive features the machine will automatically adjust and compensate for variabilities in the welding process. This improves spot welding consistency, prevents problem welds from occurring, and extends the life of the electrodes.

End your expulsion issues

Expulsion can be a major problem for welds, resulting in poor surface indentations and hazardous cracks and porosity. These welds often can’t pass an X-ray test to determine proper welding formation. When using the WeldComputer Control with Monitoring capabilities, an operator can identify these issues and reject the part without having to X-ray the weld. When combined with Adaptive capabilities, the Control will instantly intervene by cutting off heat during the welding process – minimizing potential harm caused by expulsions – and perform a repair operation to mediate any effects of expulsion. The result is a consistent, high-quality weld that passes X-ray testing  – potentially saving considerable countless time & money!

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