Only a truly multi-variable adaptive control for resistance welding is capable of making hundreds of decisions every millisecond to improve the consistency of each weld produced and reduce the incidence of bad welds in the first place. Virtually every performance feature far exceeds that of any other resistance welding control. Replacing an existing control with a WeldComputer® Multi-Variable Adaptive Control represents the easiest aintegrated welding controllerction to dramatically improve the consistency and throughput of any resistance welding operation.

  • Interface directly to any resistance welding transformer regardless of type (single phase, three phase, frequency converter or mid-freq DC).
  • Control any type of resistance welding machine or process (spot,projection, seam, flash or tube mill).
  • Emulate any weld function with capabilities far exceeding that of any other weld control.
  • Provide more comprehensive data collection with superior signal integrity.
  • Program all control functions directly from the control console.
  • Make hundreds of decisions and render adjustments on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis during each weld to reduce the occurrence of bad welds and increase the consistency of all welds produced.

The WeldComputer® Multi-Variable Adaptive Control has the capacity to store thousands of schedules on-line.Each individual schedule can have up to 1000 steps of programmable operations, allowing a single schedule to have more capability than 100 schedules combined offered by competitor system.

  • No current variation between PM cycles even if years lapse between cleanings.
  • No current variation from weak diode packs
  • No current variation from power line fluctuations
  • Same schedule can be applied from machine to machine
  • Same control easily retrofits onto any three phase or single phase welder
  • No need to ever change the machine tap switch setting. Also available for SCR based systems (with some limitation)

The WeldComputer® Multi-Variable Adaptive Control is the only inverter resistance weld control with the flexibility to directly connect to any type of resistance welding transformer. An expensive mid-frequency DC transformer is not required to achieve optimum inverter performance in many applications. Rather than being forced to select a transformer to satisfy the needs of the control, WeldComputer Corporation recommends selecting the weld transformer that is best suited for the specific welding application; then select the control that is optimally suited to operate with the selected transformer.

Since the majority of welding machines in existing production operations have either three phase transformers or 60Hz AC welding transformers, WeldComputer offers the best overall upgrade solution without the cost of purchasing and installing expensive replacement transformers that can actually degrade the performance of the welding process.
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See how Sandia National Labs is utilizing WeldComputer® wave synthesis technology for Adaptive Resistance Welding of Aluminum Alloys.

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