Defense & Military Welding Applications

Military Adaptive Control ApplicationWeldComputer adaptive controls are used in the most critical military and defense applications for the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, National Laboratories, and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

  • WeldComputer is the only controls company represented on the D17 committee that writes the military specification for the industry.*
  • Applications that rely on WeldComputer technology include:
    • Antenna array on Patriot Missile
    • Other missile system components
    • Military jet engines
    • Recouperator on engine to M1 tank
    • Heat shielding on engine of space shuttle
    • Aluminum spot welding on fighter planes
  • Several provisions have been written in the most recent release of the D17 (Military) Specification for Aerospace Welding to allow manufacturers to take fuller advantage of adaptive control technology.
  • Military approvals for defense contractors using WeldComputer adaptive controls to eliminate destructive testing date back more than 20 years.
  • A major aerospace defense manufacturer welding aluminum with a WeldComputer adaptive control demonstrated a reliability exceeding 99.9999 percent.

Read about how a defense contractor was able to eliminate porosity and cracks in its aluminum spot welds needed for MIL-SPEC compliance.

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Learn more about how to use clauses in the D17.2 MIL-SPEC to eliminate destructive testing.

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*For a copy of the latest AWS D17 Standards, Specification for Resistance Welding for Aerospace Applications, contact

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