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At WeldComputer, we take pride in our position as the technology leader in the complex and dynamic field of resistance welding. In collaboration with industry-leading partners, we work hard to ensure that your next WeldComputer controller delivers the performance, quality and cost-effectiveness you need to run your manufacturing process with optimal efficiency and profitability.



Gilbert Industrial Inc., the original WeldComputer distributor since 1986. Specializing in Aerospace and Critical Resistance Welding Applications. Providing installation, service, consulting, training and process weld development. Manufacturers of standard, custom and automated Resistance Welding Systems. Gilbert Industrial Inc. Website.


Manufacturer of new & rebuilt standard/automated/custom resistance welding equipment and controls. We’re the whole package: all parts, service, training and machining. H & H Website.


Since 1960, Janda has been a leading manufacturer of QUALITY Standard and Special Resistance Welding Equipment. Our Standard Line consists of 26 Types of Welders from 30 KVA to 500 KVA Single Phase, Three Phase and Mid Frequency Inverters. We also manufacturer Tensile Testers and Pinch Point Protection Systems. We stock ALL major brand resistance welding components, supplies, electrodes, copper and specialty metals.


Established in 1918, Seedorff ACME Corp. has been a pioneer in the Resistance Welding Industry. We specialize in D17.2 Aerospace Welding Systems which include: Seam, Spot, Projection and Micro-Joining machines. We also manufacture Special Design, Hi-Production and Critical-Application Welding Solutions. Seedorff ACME Corp is a major stocking distributer of Resistance Welding Consumables, Copper Alloys and Refractory Metals (i.e. Copper/Tungsten, Pure Tungsten and Molybdenum).


T. J. Snow designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and special design resistance welders, from single station machines to complex production systems. And with a skilled service team and large, diverse inventory of resistance welding parts & accessories in stock, we are prepared to meet all resistance welding requirements. T. J. Snow website.


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