Dynamic Displacement: The Most Accurate Measure of Weld Thermal Response

WeldComputer® Adaptive Control monitors and adjusts to more variable welding conditions than any commercially available system, and our Dynamic Displacement Monitoring takes your quality assurance to the next level, with:

  • Proprietary sensor technologies and multidimensional processing

  • Unparalleled, real-time visibility into weld thermal response and quality

  • Multivariable adaptive control for exceptional levels of weld consistency

  • More complete data capture of all actions taken for every weld

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The Technology Leader in Resistance Welding

What we do.

WeldComputer develops cutting-edge technologies that help customers improve ROI from resistance welding operations by giving them the ability to:

  • Ensure the quality of every single weld produced
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for destructive testing*
  • Increase operational productivity, speed, efficiency, and throughput
  • Reduce downtime from equipment failure and maintenance labor
  • Decrease costs by protecting tooling and minimizing consumables

* Learn how WeldComputer helps manufacturers take advantage of D17.2 MIL-SPEC to eliminate costly destructive testing.

How we do it.

WeldComputer® Adaptive Control’s multivariable decision engine makes hundreds of decisions every millisecond to prevent bad welds from being created in the first place by:

  • Recognizing when process variability exists
  • Identifying the underlying condition(s) responsible
  • Instantly taking corrective action, as the weld is being made
  • Notifying the operator, pausing production, and flagging instances where correction is impossible

What makes WeldComputer different?

More variables. Tighter control. Better results.

  • Our proprietary algorithms detect and automatically adapt to more welding conditions than any other commercially available system to accurately control weld nugget formation and quality

Flexibility. By design.

  • WeldComputer® products work with any transformer, any type of resistance welding machine, and any resistance welding process

Data capture & traceability.

  • No other system provides more comprehensive data collection to provide documented proof of what occurred during every weld – for audit trails, part tracking, and process improvement

Keeping your people, parts, and processes safe.

  • WeldComputer’s proprietary electrode motion, force, and part-contact monitoring technologies enable machine integrators to meet the most robust safety requirements and protect your most valuable assets

The company we keep.

  • WeldComputer is proud of our customer list, sole-source contracts, and preferred-partner status with scores of the world’s leading suppliers, manufacturers, and OEMs
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