iStock_000014343220LargeWeldComputer® adaptive controls are in widespread use by military and commercial jet engine manufacturers. Some of the many aerospace applications include:

  • Aluminum spot welding on fighter planes
  • Aluminum and titanium spot welding on helicopters
  • Spot welding on jet engines
  • Cockpit parts in commercial airliners
  • Rocket & missile components
  • Honeycomb structures on aircrafts and jet engines
  • Heat shielding on space shuttle engine
  • Precision welding on superplastically formed titanium structures for next-generation aircraft

iStock_000044457080XXXLargeWeldComputer adaptive controls are used in the most critical military and defense applications for the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, National Laboratories, and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

  • WeldComputer is the only controls company represented on the D17 committee that writes the military specification for the industry.*
  • Applications that rely on WeldComputer technology include:
    • Antenna array on Patriot Missile
    • Other missile system components
    • Military jet engines
    • Recouperator on engine to M1 tank
    • Heat shielding on engine of space shuttle
    • Aluminum spot welding on fighter planes
  • Several provisions have been written in the most recent release of the D17 (Military) Specification for Aerospace Welding to allow manufacturers to take fuller advantage of adaptive control technology.
  • Military approvals for defense contractors using WeldComputer adaptive controls to eliminate destructive testing date back more than 20 years.
  • A major aerospace defense manufacturer welding aluminum with a WeldComputer adaptive control demonstrated a reliability exceeding 99.9999 percent.

*For a copy of the latest AWS D17 Standards, Specification for Resistance Welding for Aerospace Applications, contact

mannequin in a carAutomotive manufacturers use WeldComputer products to produce a wide variety of components including:

  • Gas tanks
  • Airbag inflator systems
  • Shock absorbers
  • Radiators
  • Seat belt anchors
  • Brakes
  • Car batteries

iStock_000003927005XXLargeThe following are among the specialized medical devices that are made utilizing WeldComputer products:

  • Pacemakers
  • Implants
  • MRI machines

Podstawowe RGBQuality-oriented industrial component manufacturers use WeldComputer products in applications such as:

  • Water heaters
  • Fuel nozzles on gas ranges
  • Firearms
  • Steel containers
  • Compressors for air conditioners
  • Appliances
  • Wire mesh
  • Metal cabinets
  • Shock absorbers
  • Prison Chains

iStock_000016383616XLargeWeldComputer products are used in the manufacture of numerous electrical components, like:

  • Batteries
  • Wire contacts
  • Relays
  • Semiconductors
  • Phased array transceivers