4 New Technologies.       2 Complimentary Passes.      1 Great Event.

Thank you for visiting us at FABTECH 2019. Check back for updates on FABTECH 2020.

If you manufacture parts for Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, or any industry where quality is mission-critical, we invite you to join us at FABTECH 2019 to see 4 new Resistance Welding technologies that can make a real difference:

  • Remote monitoring and control of weld schedule settings

  • New, patented sensor system for unparalleled visibility into weld formation and quality

  • First-of-its-kind integration of adaptive control in robotic welding gun applications through a collaboration with Obara USA

  • Enhanced operator safety & welding performance through integration of WeldComputer® adaptive control with Gilbert Industrial’s proprietary electrode motion control innovations

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The Technology Leader in Resistance Welding

What we do.

WeldComputer develops cutting-edge technology to improve clients’ resistance welding performance and ROI by:

  • Ensuring the quality of every single weld produced
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for destructive testing*
  • Increasing operational productivity, speed, efficiency, and throughput
  • Reducing downtime from equipment failure and maintenance labor
  • Decreasing costs by protecting tooling and minimizing consumables

* WeldComputer best equips welding operations to meet D17.2 MIL-SPEC requirements for eliminating destructive testing.

How we do it.

WeldComputer® Adaptive Control’s multi-variate decision engine makes hundreds of decisions every millisecond to prevent bad welds from being created in the first place by:

  • Recognizing when process variability exists
  • Identifying the underlying condition(s) responsible
  • Instantly taking corrective action, as the weld is being made
  • Notifying the operator, pausing production, and flagging instances where correction is impossible

What makes WeldComputer different?

More variables. Tighter control. Better results.

  • We use proprietary algorithms to monitor and adapt to more critical variables than any other commercially available control to provide unequaled regulation of weld size and quality

Flexibility. By design.

  • WeldComputer® products work with any transformer, any type of resistance welding machine, and support any type of control strategy

Data capture & traceability.

  • No other system provides more comprehensive data collection to provide documented proof of what occurred during every weld – for audit trails, part tracking, and process improvement

Keeping your people, parts, and processes safe.

  • WeldComputer’s innovative monitoring algorithms and welding machine integrations combine to enable the most robust safety requirements and protect your most valuable assets

The company we keep.

  • WeldComputer is proud of our customer list, sole-source contracts, and preferred-partner status with scores of the world’s leading suppliers, manufacturers, and OEMs

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