WeldComputer® monitoring for resistance welders provides a comprehensive and cost-effective means of ensuring the integrity of every welded product. More than a thousand separate checks are typically performed on every production weld to verify the performance and repeatability of the process. During each weld, voltage, current, conductance, power, force and displacement measurement profiles can be monitored for comprehensive weld quality monitoring. Any failed check results in an immediate alarm to alert production. Data recorded automatically provides future proof of weld quality without affecting production throughput.

  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld produced.
  • Identify weld anomalies as they occur and stop the process.
  • Record all data for future proof of weld quality.
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions immediately.
  • Rapidly determine the optimum heat and time settings to use in production.
  • Reduce scrap and save money.
  • Reduce or eliminate destructive testing.

Integrated Control Monitor

The ideal solution for any welding process is a fully integrated system, and WeldComputer can put together the best, most cost-effective package for your particular needs. However, if you are already using another manufacturer’s control and want to add monitoring, WeldComputer offers stand-alone monitoring solutions.

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The WeldView® Monitor is packaged in an industrial hardened NEMA 12 enclosure with robus
connectors for long-term protection against hostile shop environments.
Available options include:

  • Additional Channels to Monitor up to 8 welders.
  • External function selection to facilitate integration with automated equipment such as PLC’s.
  • High-speed networking to allow transfer of large amounts of data without affecting production throughput.

The standard WeldView® package can monitor spot, projection, and seam welding processes. Options are available to monitor large seams in excess of 60,000 Half-Cycles. Optimized configurations specifically for capacitive discharge welders and flash welders are also available.

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The Portable WeldView® Monitor is designed to monitor any resistance welding application: 50/60 Hz; AC/DC single and three phase; capacitive discharge; inverter power supply; spot, seam, projection, flash/butt welders. NIST-traceable electronics calibration is easily performed with a voltmeter. Current calibration requires no hardware adjustment.

  • Benchmark the electrical and mechanical performance of every welding machine.
  • Verify the set-up and performance of every welding job.
  • Determine the optimum production heat and time settings without performing multiple destructive tests.
  • Rapidly pinpoint the source of a process shift so that the problem can be corrected without incurring unnecessary downtime.
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