WeldComputer® Integrated Control – Monitor


The WeldComputer® Integrated Control-Monitor represents the best value solution for manufacturer looking for both a control to deliver consistent welding performance AND a monitor to prevent abnormal welds from passing through production undetected.



  • Control any type of resistance welding machine or process (spot, projection,seam, flash or tube mill).
  • Emulate any weld function and provide capabilities far exceeding that of any other manufacturer’s weld control.
  • Capacity to store thousands of weld schedules on-line.
  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld.
  • Detect weld anomalies as they occur and stop the process.
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions immediately.
  • Record all data for future proof of weld quality.
  • Available for SCR-based systems (with some limitations).
The Integrated Control-Monitor offers distinct advantages over a separate control and monitor:


  • Less labor to install;
  • Superior user interface;
  • Monitoring that is always synchronized with the control;
  • More advanced criteria for detecting and reporting weld variations;
  • Greater reliability, greater flexibility and more comprehensive system integration;
  • Ability to upgrade to full adaptive control capabilities.
Once an Integrated Control-Monitor is put into production, data collected will quickly provide the manufacturer with definitive information about the amount of improved weld consistency, reduced scrap and increased production throughput that would be gained from adaptive control. Adaptive control capabilities can be added to the installation to instantly correct and compensate for weld variations from factors such as changing electrode conditions, geometry
variation, fit-up problems, surface contamination and other sources of variation.


Monitoring Brochure