Digital Programmable Air

Using manual dials to make pressure adjustments creates room for error; being off by just one PSI can cause a 3% variation in many applications – a significant shift in process variability. Using our digital programmable air system provides two channels of digitally controlled pressure regulation that can range from 0.1 to 99.9 PSI with 0.1 PSI pressure resolution programmability. Established pressure settings are automatically stored and recalled with each weld schedule, providing more accurate pressure regulation and eliminating variations caused from inconsistent operator setting of manual regulators. Each pressure channel employs automatic closed-loop feedback to continuously maintain regulated pressures at the programed target values.

Digital Contact Gauge

Timing the start of weld heat can be a major problem for resistance welding operations. Even something as simple as changing out the electrodes can alter the timing of the welding process, due to a potential change in the distance between electrodes. This could cause the heat to start too soon, before full electrode force is applied to the part, resulting in expulsion, or part and electrode damage. The WeldComputer® digital contact gauge is the easiest way to eliminate these variations, by ensuring that a user-programmed, minimum cylinder pressure is reached before proceeding to produce a weld. This improves operator safety as well as the repeatability of the welding process.

TTFC Safety System

The TTFC is designed to bring the welding head down at low force, assure that the electrodes are in contact with the workpiece before increasing the force and completing the weld, or abort the weld at low force and raise the head if such assurance is not achieved. Any foreign object detected – like a finger or hand – will halt the welding operation before the application of high electrode force can cause serious injury.

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