Resistance Welding Diagnostics In A Suitcase

The Portable WeldView® Monitor is designed to monitor any resistance welding application: 50/60 Hz; AC/DC single and three phase; capacitive discharge; inverter power supply; spot, seam, projection, flash/butt welders. NIST-traceable electronics calibration is easily performed with a voltmeter. Current calibration requires no hardware adjustment.


  • Benchmark the electrical and mechanical performance of every welding machine.
  • Verify the set-up and performance of every welding job.
  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld without performing destructive tests that waste material and slow down production.
  • Determine the optimum production heat and time settings without performing multiple destructive tests.
  • Recognize when a shift in the welding process has occurred that requires corrective action.
  • Rapidly pinpoint the source of a process shift so that the problem can be corrected without incurring unnecessary downtime.


  • Monitors half-cycle by half-cycle secondary current and voltage, electrode force, work-piece thickness and dis-placement, conductance, power and conduction angle.
  • Upper and lower limits can be established easily for every half-cycle of each monitored parameter.
  • Notification of out-of-limits condition is made via the graphic display and via a fault signal output.
  • Weld data with upper and lower limits are displayed immediately after each weld.
  • Weld data are stored digitally in the data archive for SPC purposes or future proof of weld quality. Data can be converted for use in third party spreadsheet applications.
  • Acquisition time selectable from 10 microseconds to 10 minutes. Current waveform for machine diagnostics.


  • Half-cycle by half-cycle RMS current with accuracy of +/-1% of the reading (above 500A).
  • Current range: 100A-100KA (guaranteed); 50A-300KA (typical).
  • Current Waveform, Min/Max Current, Adjustable RMS Current Window, Automatic Range Scaling.
  • Half-cycle by half-cycle RMS and Real voltage, -300VDC to +300VDC (configurable).
  • Half-cycle by half-cycle Thermal Expansion/Set-down, Force, Current Voltage, Conductance and Power.
  • Half-cycle by half-cycle conduction angle.
  • Weld Time Range: 0.2s/10us time base (Cap Discharge); 200 Half-Cycles (Spot); 64000 Half-Cycles (Seam).
  • Teach functions for setting upper and lower limits for all monitored parameters.
  • Monitors Single/Three Phase 50/60Hz AC/DC; Inverter; Capacitive Discharge.
  • Integrated Data Archive stores thousands of monitor setups, hundreds of thousands of welds; waveforms.
  • Simple NIST traceable electronics calibration with NIST traceable voltmeter.
  • Size: 7.5″ high X 20″ wide X 15.7″ deep; weight: 26 pounds; power: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz.


WeldView® Portable Monitor

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