For many manufacturers, the least costly way to deal with bad welds is to avoid making them in the first place. This is possible when the monitor and control work together to identify the cause of variability and compensate for it automatically. Adaptive control features provide this capability. We can provide exactly the control parameters you need, without the expense of those you don’t.

Only a truly multi-variable adaptive control for resistance welding is capable of making hundreds of decisions every millisecond to improve the consistency of each weld produced and reduce the incidence of bad welds in the first place. Virtually every performance feature far exceeds that of any other resistance welding control. Replacing an existing control with a WeldComputer® Multi-Variable Adaptive Control represents the easiest action to dramatically improve the consistency and throughput of any resistance welding operation.

  • All the benefits of the integrated control monitor plus
  • Make hundreds of decisions and render adjustments on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis during each weld to reduce the occurrence of bad welds and increase the consistency of all welds produced.

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