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WeldComputer Corporation
Rensselaer Technology Park
105 Jordan Road
Troy, NY 12180

WeldComputer offers a range of solutions from basic consistent heat control to the most sophisticated adaptive applications. We have something for everyone, no matter how simple or complex the process, and whatever your budget. Our good/better/best architecture ensures you get just what you need, without paying extra for what you don’t.

If you need a control or have an inconsistent control …
A WeldComputer® control will give you dependable control of your welding process.

If you want to be able to measure what is happening with your process …
Adding monitoring to your WeldComputer control will not only provide dependable control but prevent undetected bad welds from passing through production. (NOTE: If you are already using another manufacturer’s control product, and still want to monitor what is happening with your process, the WeldView® Monitor is a stand-alone device that can be added to any installation.)

If you want to prevent bad welds from occurring in the first place …
Adding our unique adaptive features will compensate for a wide range of variable conditions and produce consistent, reliable welds.


Replacing your existing control with a WeldComputer® control is the easiest action you can take to deliver consistent heat control performance, and alleviate the control as a source of variations that can lead to failed welds.


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Monitoring your process enables you to instantly identify problems as they occur, and remove bad welds before they leave the factory. The WeldComputer® Integrated Control-Monitor represents the best value solution for manufacturers looking for both a control and monitoring.


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For many manufacturers, the least costly way to deal with bad welds is to avoid making them in the first place. This is possible when the monitor and control work together to identify the cause of variability and compensate for it automatically. Adaptive control features provide this capability. We can provide exactly the control parameters you need, without the expense of those you don’t.


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The ideal solution for any welding process is a fully integrated system, and WeldComputer can put together the best, most cost-effective package for your particular needs. However, if you are already using another manufacturer’s control and want to add monitoring, WeldComputer offers stand-alone monitoring solutions.


WeldView® Monitor
WeldView® Portable Monitor
WeldAware® Monitor


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