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Sciaky Resistance Welding Machine Repair

Improve the performance of your Sciaky welder with the WeldComputer Adaptive Control. Achieve 20% more capacity, cut scrap by 10x, and eliminate costly destructive testing.

Improve Welding Consistency, Reliability, and Throughput

WeldComputer Controls allow your Sciaky resistance welding machine to achieve optimal performance as if it was – or even better – than brand new. Hundreds of customers using our controls have told us they were able to:

  • Achieve consistently, high-quality welds with real-time data to prove it
  • Increase throughput and uptime reliability
  • Eliminate problem welds and cut costs from destructive testing
  • Increase their margins on their welding operations
sciaky resitance welding machine

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Adaptive Controls Modernize Your Old Welder

If you have a Sciaky spot welder or a Sciaky seam welder, you’re one of the thousands of resistance welding manufacturers to use these machines dating back to the 1950s. Over the years, WeldComputer’s wave synthesis control technology, configured specifically for the Sciaky welder, has allowed manufacturers to achieve the highest welding performance available, without the costly investment to replace their machine.

Weld to D17.2 with the Control Recommended by Aerospace Leaders

Upgrading your Sciaky welding machine with a WeldComputer Adaptive Control will modernize your welding process and allow you to better adhere to AWS D17.2, the specification standard for today’s aerospace resistance welders. We know because our experts are part of the committee that wrote the MIL-SPEC for resistance welding. It’s no wonder leading aerospace welding manufacturers like the U.S. Air Force, GE Aviation, Boeing, and NASA trust WeldComputer’s adaptive control for their highest-value welding processes.


Reduce or Eliminate Costly Destructive Testing

Using a WeldComputer Adaptive Control on your Sciaky welder allows your manufacturing operation to have the data to prove the integrity of every weld coming off production. With an adaptive control with this level of visibility, you can take advantage of a clause in the AWS D17.2 specification for welding (Para 5.2.3) to substitute the advanced features of the WeldComputer Adaptive Control in place of production destructive lot testing. Military jet engine manufacturers have seen payback for their new adaptive resistance welding control in less than six months!

Excellent Welds at a Fraction of the Price of a New Machine

If you have a Sciaky welder, replacing the existing control with a WeldComputer Control is the easiest action to improve weld quality and improve the machine’s reliability and throughput. In addition, if your Sciaky welder is in a state of disrepair, we have installers who are also Sciaky machine experts. They can perform whatever repairs are needed to get the machine properly functioning or even fully restored to brand new condition, at a small fraction of the cost of a new machine.

No resistance welding challenge is too complex for our experts to help you with. Speak to our team in a FREE consultation to see what WeldComputer can do for you.

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