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The easiest monitor on the planet to use. So simple, the entire operating manual is on the front of the product.

The WeldAware Monitor is designed to warn a resistance welding operation if key welding parameters drift beyond specified limits. Now your welding business can afford protection from the type of process variations that damage parts and destroy profits.

  • Full monitoring capability
    Detect problems linked to machine electrical and force performance variations. Get alerted any time there is a problem with your process.
  • Works with any welder
    Works with spot, projection, and seam welders and supports 50 or 60Hz AC or DC, frequency converter, inverter, or cap discharge welders.
  • Easy to mount
    Small profile makes it easy to mount onto any machine.

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Unpack, mount, and monitor

The WeldAware Monitor is the easiest-to-use monitor on the market today. Simply turn the key to “Teach” while welds are being made. When the green light turns on — normally after one or two welds — turn the key to the “Operate” position and the monitor automatically establishes upper and lower limits. Any time that a subsequent weld exceeds the established limits, the Monitor’s red light will turn on until the reset button is pushed. A key lock is supplied to assure the integrity of the limits.

Full monitoring capability

The WeldAware Monitor will increase the quality assurance of any welding operation. The monitor detects a wide range of problems linked to machine electrical and force performance variations, making it an ideal solution for operators looking to improve quality assurance with minimal expense and training.

Small package, big impact

  • Dimensions: 9.625″ x 6.25″ x 3.25″

  • Weight: approximately 4 lbs

  • Power Requirements: 60Hz 110VAC

  • Location: any practical distance from the welding head

  • Mounting: flange for mounting with screws

Frequently asked questions about the WeldAware Monitor

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