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Measure the consistency of every resistance weld produced.

Test and monitor any resistance weld. Understand what impacts the quality of welds and detect problems on any machine without mounting a dedicated monitor to your machine.

  • Take the guesswork out of finding reasons behind failed welds. Immediately spot problems so you can prevent poor welds from passing through undetected.
  • Sleep better knowing quality isn’t a concern.  Measure everything so you can ensure there’s a consistent weld process.
  • Prove weld quality without destruction. Save money by eliminating destructive testing by assuring each weld’s quality with data.

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Real time monitoring, whenever you need it

The Portable WeldView Monitor allows for on-the-go monitoring of resistance welding applications. It measures key welding parameters such as secondary current and voltage, electrode force, workpiece thickness and displacement, conductance, power, and conduction angle. It monitors these key welding parameters and detects out-of-limits conditions, with data stored digitally for SPC and future-proofing.

  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld and identify any weld anomalies as they occur
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for destructive testing to verify weld quality
  • Stop the welding process if any anomalies are detected, preventing low-quality welds from passing through production undetected
  • Record all data for future reference and proof of weld quality
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions in real-time
  • Determine the optimal heat and time settings for consistent, high-quality welds
  • Reduce scrap and save money by improving the efficiency and consistency of the welding process

Go mobile with the Portable WeldView Monitor

The WeldView portable weld monitor is your go-to solution for monitoring spot, projection, seam, flash, and butt welding processes on any machine. It’s small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, yet powerful with all of the monitoring capabilities of a single channel dedicated monitor. This single portable monitor can be used to benchmark the performance of every machine and weld job in your operation.

  • Acquisition time selectable from 10 microseconds to 10 minutes
  • High-speed networking to allow transfer of large amounts of data without affecting production throughput
  • Optimized modes specifically for capacitive discharge welders and flash welders
  • Monitor secondary current and voltage, electrode force, displacement, and power parameters in intervals of 10 microseconds to 10 milliseconds
  • Half-cycle modes available in AC which include monitoring of conduction angle
  • Establish upper and lower limits for every half-cycle or selected interval for each monitored parameter giving you the ability to profile the entire weld
  • Notification of out-of-limits conditions is made via the graphic display and via a fault signal output
  • Weld data with upper and lower limits are displayed immediately after each weld
  • Weld data is stored digitally in the data archive for SPC purposes or future proof of weld quality. Data can be converted for use in third-party data analysis tools
  • Current waveform for machine diagnostics

Never destroy a weld again

The Portable WeldView Monitor is a great troubleshooting tool as well as a way to test weld quality across multiple machines. In fact, users can eliminate their reliance on destructive testing as a way to assess quality by monitoring the welds with the Portable WeldView monitor. Because the system allows you to move from machine to machine, users can sample (spot check) weld performance without creating scrap or halting production.

Key specifications

  • Current range: 100A-100KA (guaranteed); 50A-300KA (typical)
  • Current Waveform, Min/Max Current, Adjustable RMS Current Window, Automatic Range Scaling
  • RMS and Real voltage, -300VDC to +300VDC (configurable)
  • Thermal Expansion/Set-down, Force, Current, Voltage, Conductance and Power
  • Conduction angle (on AC welders)
  • Weld Time Range: 0.2ms/10us time base (Cap Discharge); 2 seconds (Spot); 10 minutes (Seam)
  • No data loss between welds regardless of welding speed
  • Teach functions for setting upper and lower limits for all monitored parameters
  • Monitors Single/Three Phase 50/60Hz AC/DC; Inverter; Capacitive Discharge
  • Integrated Data Archive stores thousands of monitor setups, hundreds of thousands of welds; waveforms
  • Simple NIST traceable electronics calibration with NIST traceable voltmeter
  • Size: 7.5″ high X 20″ wide X 15.7″ deep; weight: 26 pounds; power: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz. (fits in the overhead compartment on commuter aircraft)

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