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Measure the consistency of every resistance weld produced.

In resistance welding, many variables can impact the quality of welds. If you are not monitoring, there are problems you are not detecting.

  • Take the guesswork out of finding reasons behind failed welds
    Immediately spot problems so you can prevent poor welds from passing through undetected.
  • Sleep better knowing quality is not a concern
    Measure everything so you can ensure there is a consistent weld process.
  • Prove weld quality without destruction
    Save money by eliminating destructive testing by assuring each weld’s quality with the data to back it up.
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Prove the quality of every weld

Check each weld with gathered data on associated voltage, current, conductance, power, force, displacement, and other critical measurements to verify the performance and consistency of your welding process. Any failed check results in an immediate alarm that alerts your production team and provides them with the data behind each weld.

  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld
  • Reduce or eliminate destructive testing
  • Identify weld anomalies as they occur and stop the process
  • Record all data for future proof of weld quality
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions immediately
  • Rapidly determine the optimum heat and time settings to use in production
  • Reduce scrap and save money

Key benefits

  • Benchmark the electrical and mechanical performance of the welding machine
  • Verify the set-up and performance of every welding job
  • Instantly measure the consistency of every weld without performing destructive tests that waste material and slow down production
  • Determine the optimum production heat and time settings without performing multiple destructive tests
  • Recognize when a shift in the welding process has occurred that requires corrective action
  • Rapidly pinpoint the source of problems so you can correct them before incurring unnecessary downtime

Fits your application and needs

The WeldView Monitor can monitor spot, projection, seam, flash/butt, and capacitive discharge welding processes. It offers significant durability, protected by an industrial-hardened NEMA 12 enclosure with robust connectors for long-term protection against hostile shop environments. Options are available to expand capabilities and features to meet any resistance welding need.

  • Monitor large seams in excess of 60,000 half cycles
  • Additional channels can monitor up to 8 welders
  • External function selection integrates with automation equipment such as PLCs
  • High-speed networking to allow transfer of large amounts of data without affecting production throughput
  • Out-of-the-box configurations are also available specifically for capacitive discharge welders and flash welders

Integrated or stand-alone options

The WeldView Monitor can be added as a stand-alone solution onto your existing machine and applied with any 3rd party manufacturer control. If your existing control is producing inconsistent welds, WeldComputer offers the leading Resistance Welding Control with Monitoring to deliver an all-in-one, cost-effective package.

Go mobile with the WeldView Portable Monitor

Take resistance welding monitor capabilities anywhere you fly. The WeldView Portable Monitor is designed to monitor any resistance welding application on any resistance welding machine to give you more information about your welding process.

  • Benchmark the electrical and mechanical performance of every welding machine.
  • Verify the setup and performance of every welding job.
  • Determine the optimum production heat and time settings without performing multiple destructive tests.
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions immediately.
  • Rapidly pinpoint the source of your problems to get them fixed faster and avoid unnecessary downtime.

No resistance welding challenge is too complex for our experts to help you with. Speak to our team in a FREE consultation to see what WeldComputer can do for you.

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