Improving Resistance Welding Results Since 1987

Many manufacturers don’t understand what they are capable of achieving with their resistance welding applications. They are used to accepting defects and the financial losses associated with them. And that’s a costly mistake.

The good news is that by reducing defects, you can get more consistency and higher quality at a lower cost. WeldComputer has the technology and the expertise to help you:

  • increase product consistency, reliability and throughput
  • prevent problem welds
  • cut down materials waste
  • take maximum advantage of your existing equipment

Experts in resistance welding

Since 1987, WeldComputer has focused on solving manufacturers’ resistance welding challenges to ensure the quality and consistency of their welds. Our experienced professionals use their extensive experience to:

  • evaluate welding operations
  • identify how to improve your welds
  • provide cost-effective solutions

We engineer, manufacture, sell and support a broad range of high-performance, proven, practical welding control and monitoring solutions. This allows you to select the exact system to address your specific requirements. We can help you:

  • control your welding process
  • produce consistent, high-quality welds
  • keep undetected bad welds from passing through production
  • or prevent bad welds from occurring in the first place

WeldComputer products are price/performance leaders that have proven themselves by delivering rapid payback in all resistance welding applications requiring high-quality output.


WeldComputer Resistance Welding

Let us help you replace costly destructive testing

U.S. military approvals to use WeldComputer® adaptive controls as a replacement for periodic destructive testing under MIL-W-6858D date back to 1988. Read the article here.

WeldComputer’s representation on the AWS D17 Committee has been instrumental in writing revisions into the MIL-SPEC. This allows manufacturers to more fully take advantage of advanced adaptive control and weld monitoring techniques to reduce the cost and time required to maintain compliance with the MIL-SPEC.

Over the decades, WeldComputer technology has expanded beyond aerospace, defense and military, into a broad spectrum of markets, including medical, electronics, automotive, appliance, industrial and general manufacturing.

Made in the U.S.A.

WeldComputer products are made in the U.S.A, meeting the most stringent standards of quality and performance. We partner with carefully selected manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, and industry-specific experts, who install and support our products globally.

As a tier one supplier of automotive components, quality is the key to our continuing success. WeldComputer Corporation’s Multi-Channel WeldView® Monitor has helped us optimize our weld schedules and maintain control over the consistency of our resistance welding processes. We have been able to reduce our reliance on destructive testing while improving our level of confidence in the reliability of our products.

Jeff Robertson / Autotube Limited, Strathroy, ON, Canada

Since swapping out our existing control with the WeldComputer® adaptive control we have been able to increase our production speed by 25% while producing 30% stronger welds with 1/5th the standard deviation.

Collin Rudnitski / Johnson Screens, Aqseptence Group

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