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Reduce variability with the most advanced resistance welding control ever made

Adaptive Control capabilities can be added to instantly correct and compensate for weld variations from factors such as changing electrode conditions, fit-up problems, surface contamination, and other issues that cause poor welds:

  • Fewer weld variations mean better consistency
    WeldComputer Adaptive Control allows for instant millisecond-level granular control and the right level of heat for every weld.
  • Automatically take corrective actions
    Adjust for weld variations to prevent abnormal welds from occurring.
  • Prove the integrity of every weld
    Record each weld’s quality data for audit purposes and ensure you are delivering consistent production welds every time.

Adjust to problems before bad welds happen

What is the best way to make sure your production welds are top quality? Prevent bad welds in the first place. Only a truly multivariable adaptive control for resistance welding is capable of making hundreds of decisions every millisecond to improve the consistency of each weld produced. Solve for common welding issues:

  • Cold welds,
  • Expulsions,
  • Shunting,
  • Flattening electrodes,
  • Surface contamination,
  • Poor part fit up, and
  • More problems that impact weld consistency.

Works with every machine, new or old

Whether you’re replacing an existing control or building a machine from scratch, using a WeldComputer Adaptive Control is the easiest and most efficient way to get the most out of your machine. The Adaptive Control allows any machine to take corrective action and prevent a bad weld from occurring, justifying the purchase after averting a single failed production batch.


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Key features

All the benefits of the WeldComputer Control with Monitoring, plus:

  • Automatically compensate for hundreds of weld variations,
  • Adjust with millisecond granularity for each weld,
  • Interface directly to any transformer,
  • Control any type of machine or process,
  • Emulate any weld function,
  • Gather more comprehensive data than alternative controls, and
  • Directly program your schedule from the control console interface.

Adaptive welding means smart welding

The difference between the WeldComputer Adaptive Control and the rest of the market is our patented technology, proprietary algorithms, and ability to make hundreds of multi-variable decisions every millisecond. Unlike other “adaptive” systems that address some single root cause variations with cookie-cutter actions, the WeldComputer Adaptive Control identifies and compensates for multiple variations at once making it the gold standard in adaptive resistance welding controls.

Gain maximum control of your operation

Have the freedom to weld your way. The WeldComputer Adaptive Control is the only inverter resistance weld control with the flexibility to directly connect to any type of resistance welding machine with any type of resistance welding transformer. Once installed, configure your weld schedules and store thousands of schedules online with thousands of programmable steps – more than the competition. Flexibility and control. That’s the WeldComputer difference.


  • Program all control functions directly from the control console.
  • Collect and store data from each weld to audit quality.
  • Use the same schedule from machine to machine.
  • Retrofit to any MFDC, three-phase or single-phase welder.
  • Prevent current variation between PM cycles, even if years lapse between cleanings.
  • Compensate for variability from weak diode packs.
  • Built in immunity to power line fluctuations.

No resistance welding challenge is too complex for our experts to help you with. Speak to our team in a FREE consultation to see what WeldComputer can do for you.

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