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Brochures and additional information regarding our products and services

Monitors & Controls

Measure the consistency of every resistance weld produced and prove the quality of every weld. Compatible with spot, projection, seam, and flash/butt welding processes.

The WeldComputer Control is the most affordable resistance welding control for every operation. Add it to any machine to improve weld quality, increase production throughput, and maximize your margins.

Small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, yet powerful with all of the monitoring capabilities of a single channel dedicated monitor, this single portable monitor can be used to benchmark the performance of every machine and weld job in your operation.

Reduce variability with the most advanced resistance welding control ever made. Instantly corrects and compensates for weld variations and adjusts to problems before bad welds happen.

These pinch-point safety capabilities prevent the full electrode force from being applied before ensuring proper electrical conductivity between the parts.

Training & Services

WeldComputer brings advanced monitoring equipment into the manufacturer’s facility to perform a rigorous assessment of the resistance welding operation to identify problems and provide solutions.

WeldComputer’s comprehensive in-person training is designed to meet the needs of your specific operation’s application.

This service is an economical way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your WeldComputer investments. We provide proactive, operational assistance such as ongoing quality monitoring and proactive alerting designed to optimize your production operations.

About WeldComputer

For over 30 years, WeldComputer products and services have helped hundreds of manufacturers to cut scrap costs by 10x, eliminate destructive testing, and turn quality into their competitive advantage.

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