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Recent Blog Posts

  • Adaptive Controls: Effectively Addressing Workpiece Variation Challenges in Resistance Welding
    Challenges in resistance welding can have potentially dire consequences if not fully and accurately addressed. Robert K. Cohen, CEO of WeldComputer, talks about some of the challenges and the advanced solutions now available. To learn more, download the full report.
  • 30-Minute Assessment
    Let the technology leaders in resistance welding evaluate your current process and explore ways to increase efficiency and consistency – for free. WeldComputer Corporation is offering free one-on-one assessments to help resistance welders increase the efficiency and consistency of their welds.
  • 0.00% Financing is here!
    WeldComputer is excited to announce that we’re offering 0.00% financing on all purchase orders received for new products and upgrades through August 31, 2020.