WeldComputer offers a range of solutions from basic consistent heat control to the most sophisticated adaptive applications. We have something for everyone, no matter how simple or complex the process, and whatever your budget. Our good/better/best architecture ensures you get just what you need, without paying extra for what you don’t.

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If you need a control or have an inconsistent control …
A WeldComputer® control will give you dependable control of your welding process.

Inconsistent current delivery by the control can be a bigger source of failed welds than expected. Upgrading the existing control to a WeldComputer® control will quickly and economically improve heat control performance, and eliminate the control as a cause of these variations.

Increased accuracy and more reliable control will improve welding quality and increase throughput – resulting in lower operating costs. This makes WeldComputer® technology less expensive for your welding operation than competitive systems, and more reliable.

Once the control is removed as a source of variation, even higher welding performance is achieved by adding monitoring and adaptive features.

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If you want to be able to measure what is happening with your process …
Adding monitoring increases production quality assurance by enabling you to prevent undetected bad welds from passing through production.

Monitoring your process enables you to instantly identify problems as they occur, and remove bad welds before they leave the factory. Also, process information from every weld is available for viewing and is stored automatically, providing permanent documentation of weld quality.

Although identifying and rejecting bad welds is important, manufacturers who are taking these actions may still suffer the expense of high-reject rates. In this case, adding adaptive features on top of monitoring becomes the lowest-cost solution, since it’s much less costly to not manufacture a bad weld in the first place.

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If you want to prevent bad welds from occurring in the first place …
Adding our unique adaptive controls will compensate for a wide range of variable conditions and produce consistent, reliable welds.


The “gold standard” of weld control, adaptive features allow the control and monitor to work together to indentify the causes of variability and compensate for it automatically. This allows manufacturers to be proactive in preventing substandard welds as they are about to occur.

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