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For an example of savings found, here is a study from a third-party, independent welding equipment manufacturer that found significant cost and energy savings by switching from SCR to the WeldComputer AC inverter wave synthesis control.

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Why WeldComputer

Why hundreds of customers choose WeldComputer


Achieve consistent, high-quality welds with real-time data to prove it. Mount to any machine – new or old – regardless of transformer type to gain optimal welding performance.


Ensure greater reliability and uptime with our white-glove service. And if problems occur, we can quickly troubleshoot remotely and support equipment to avoid downtime.

Quality Assurance

With our monitoring technology, our systems have the instrumentation and data to analyze the performance of your welding operation and prove the integrity of every weld.


Improve your welds and the bottom line starting on day one. WeldComputer® adaptive controls give you the power to increase throughput while cutting costs and energy usage.