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weld computer solves your resistance welding problems

Let our experts help you achieve consistent, high-quality welds every time.

WeldComputer adaptive controls and monitors have helped manufacturers cut scrap costs by 10x, eliminate destructive testing, and turn quality into their competitive advantage.

  • Better weld consistency
    Adjust welding in real-time to improve production reliability and remove variances regardless of your machine’s age
  • Keep the production line running
    Eliminate reliance on costly destructive testing, reduce maintenance, and improve your throughput to weld without lost downtime
  • Prove the integrity of every weld
    Gain peace of mind knowing problem welds are not slipping through production with the data to back each weld

Trusted by hundreds of customers from Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and more.

“Since swapping out our existing control with the WeldComputer adaptive control we have been able to increase our production speed by 25% while producing 30% stronger welds with 1/5th the standard deviation.”

– Collin Rudnitski, Johnson Screens, Aqseptence Group

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Our adaptive wave synthesis controls and monitors have become the industry standard, backed by over 30 years of R&D engineering.

No other resistance welding control can give you superior reliability and weld consistency with the real-time data to prove the integrity of every weld.



Ensure consistent current delivery and machine uptime to increase weld consistency and reliability.

WeldComputer Corporation


Instantly identify problems as they occur, so you can remove bad welds before they leave the factory.



The “gold standard” in welding controls automatically adjusts the process to stop problem welds before they start.

No resistance welding challenge is too complex for our experts to help you with. Speak to our team in a FREE consultation to see what WeldComputer can do for you.

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