SCR vs Inverter Power Fluctuation

It’s a common misconception that, in order to take advantage of the newer inverter technology, you must replace your existing AC welding transformer with a MFDC welding transformer. In fact, studies have demonstrated that, in many applications, welding manufacturers who convert from single-phase AC to MFDC actually experienced decreased production throughput, reduced weld quality, and increased maintenance, because the AC transformer was the best matched choice for the specific application.

Since the majority of welding machines in existing production operations have either three phase transformers or 60Hz AC welding transformers, WeldComputer offers the best overall upgrade solution without the cost of purchasing and installing expensive replacement transformers that can actually degrade the performance of the welding process.

SCR vs Inverter Power Factor RMS Current

Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Significantly higher power factor
  • Balance electrical load across 3 phases
  • Decrease weld time and current

Improve Weld Quality

  • Eliminate weld variation due to power line fluctuations
  • Increase frequency of current feedback adjustments

SCR vs Inverter Waveforms

Benefits of AC/DC/Frequency Converter vs. MFDC

  • Shorter decay time (allows for pulsing)
  • Non-magnetizing
  • Reduced tip wear, especially on aluminum
  • No voltage drop across diodes
  • Longer service life
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