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Replacing your existing control with a WeldComputer® control is the easiest way to deliver consistent heat control performance, and alleviate the control as a source of variations that can lead to failed welds. 

WeldComputer Corporation’s Inverter Resistance Welding Control provides precise heat control with superior regulation for AC or MFDC, Three Phase Full Wave, Three Phase Half-Wave, or Frequency Converter resistance welding applications.

Inverter assemblies ranging from 50 amps to 8000 amps are available to meet any welding application.

  • A proprietary precision heat control/line compensation system capable of rapidly offsetting the effects of even severe voltage and line frequency variation.
  • A configurable weld schedule structure that emulates any weld schedule function and provides capabilities far exceeding that of any other weld control.
  • A simple to use operator interface that minimizes the time to set up new weld jobs.
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity for weld schedules on removable media.
  • Programmable feedback parameters to allow optimization of the weld machine electrical performance.
  • Eight optically isolated input and eight output modules to activate standard and special welding peripherals and perform other user-programmable functions that can eliminate the need for a separate PLC.
  • For manual applications, a safety relay protects the operator by physically disabling the weld valve and forge valve voltage when no weld initiation signal is present.
  • Digital Contact Gauge to prohibit firing before a minimum cylinder pressure is reached.
  • Digital Programmable Air Systems for setting cylinder pressures from the weld schedule.
  • Programmable Motor Control for seam welders.
  • Extra eight optically isolated input and eight output modules for complex automated applications.
  • Network upgrade that enables transmission of weld schedules to and from the plant network.
  • Tip Travel Force Control System to protect the operator from serious pinch-point injury.

The WeldComputer® Inverter Control is the only inverter resistance weld control with the flexibility to directly connect to any type of resistance welding transformer. Our patented technology with Waveform Synthesis is what makes this possible. 

An expensive mid-frequency DC transformer is not required to achieve optimum inverter performance in many applications. Rather than being forced to select a transformer to satisfy the needs of the control, WeldComputer Corporation recommends selecting the weld transformer that is best suited for the specific welding application; then select the control that is optimally suited to operate with the selected transformer.

The WeldComputer® Inverter Control can be applied in the following resistance welding processes.

Spot Welding         Seam Welding          Projection Welding          Flash/Butt Welding

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