WeldComputer Announces Sale to Lynch Brothers Manufacturing of Phoenix, Arizona

Troy, NY, April 22, 2016 WeldComputer, the technology leader in resistance welding, has announced the sale of a WeldComputer® Multi-Variable Inverter Adaptive Control to Lynch Brothers Manufacturing. Lynch Brothers is an ISO9001/AS9100 certified supplier to the Aerospace Industry focusing on CNC machining, sheet metal and tubing fabrication, welding, and heat treating. The equipment was installed by H&H Resistance Welders, manufacturers of new & rebuilt standard/automated/custom resistance welding equipment and controls.

Lynch Brothers CEO Wayne Craig said, “With the amount of thin gauge aluminum we weld, this adaptive control will be instrumental in improving the weld consistency and quality, as well as enabling us to significantly reduce our reliance on destructive testing. This also gives us an important technological advantage against other resistance welding companies in the valley.”

The technologically sophisticated controller is capable of making hundreds of decisions every millisecond to improve the consistency of each weld produced, reducing the incidence of bad welds before they are made. The controller also provides comprehensive data collection during welding to validate the quality of the welds. This is particularly important on welding materials and gauges with small process windows for high quality welds.

Since 1987, WeldComputer Corporation has manufactured a broad line of high-performance controls and monitors for automotive, commercial, military and aerospace resistance welding applications. Our products work with spot, projection, seam, flash, stud and capacitive discharge welding equipment to improve weld quality, increase weld consistency and throughput, reduce scrap, and improve worker safety. WeldComputer® Adaptive Controls have been granted military approval to eliminate destructive testing and are proudly made in the U.S.A., meeting the most stringent standards of quality and performance.

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