WeldComputer Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Weld Control

WeldComputer’s professionals use their extensive experience to evaluate welding operations, identify how to improve the quality and consistency of welds, and provide cost-effective solutions. A flexible, customizable suite of products helps manufacturers increase product reliability and throughput, prevent problem welds, cut down materials waste and take maximum advantage of their existing equipment.

According to CEO Bob Cohen, “Since its very first days, the company mission has been to solve manufacturers’ resistance welding challenges to ensure the quality and consistency of their welds. I’m proud to say that we have never wavered from this commitment. WeldComputer has a long history of being a true market leader and building a team of experts to help manufacturers drive their business forward.”

Over the decades, WeldComputer technology has expanded beyond its original focus on aerospace, defense and military, into a broad spectrum of markets including medical, electronics, automotive, appliance, industrial and general manufacturing.

WeldComputer Corporation manufactures a broad line of welding controls and monitors for commercial, military and aerospace resistance welding applications. WeldComputer® controls and monitors work with spot, projection, seam, flash, butt, stud and capacitive discharge welding equipment to improve weld quality, increase weld consistency and throughput, reduce scrap, and improve worker safety, helping to reduce costs and improve quality assurance beyond what can be achieved with conventional equipment. WeldComputer® adaptive controls have been granted military approval to eliminate destructive testing.